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How does the Holler'd service work?

This is how we keep your kids and family safe.

What is the Holler'd Focus?

Safe List
Safe List

Parents set up and manage a safe list of numbers that can call or text their child, and their child can call or text from their phone. We are trying to keep it easy. 

Limited apps
Limited Apps 

At this time, there are basic talk and text apps. We included Spotify and Zoom. 

In the future, we plan to allow an app store with parent approved access to apps.  

Safe Web
Safe Browsing

Parents approve sites quickly and easiy with the Holler'd safe browser.   

Why Hollered

Phones are addicting. We want to provide our kids and yours with a way to communicate with you and their friends but not spend all of their time on their phone.  

How does the plan work? 

Hollered OS
Holler'd OS

We have written a custom Android based Operating System with the safety of your kids in mind.  

Holler'd A7 Pro
A7 Pro Phone

You receive an Umidigi A7 Pro phone for your child to use with the Holler'd OS installed.

The phone is backed with insurance replacement and an upgrade replacement every two years.

Holler'd phone plans
Holler'd Phone Plan

The service includes the monthly plan with UNLIMITED calls and text messages. The service is on TMobile's nationwide 4G network.

So, How Much?

You pay $30 up front for the phone and $30 for the first month's plan.

After that, you will be billed $30 a month for the service.

Service includes: cell service with UNLIMITED talk and text, the cost of the phone, insurance, and an upgrade every two years.

Your Kids want a phone

You want to keep them safe

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Holler'd Service Coverage

Our service is using the T-Mobile 4G network. Click the link below to see if your area is covered.

T-Mobile Coverage Map

What are people saying about Holler'd?

"This is utterly brilliant. My 11 yo received his phone today, and thinks he is Mr. Cool. Being able to monitor who is able to contact him and not having to stress over him receiving the ridiculous amount of spam calls or contacting people I'd rather he not is fantastic." - Jennifer, Nashville, TN

Frequently Asked Questions

Please email us if you don't see your question here or need more information!

As many as you want! There is no limit on the number of contacts you can add to the Safe List or the Banned List

We bill you at the beginning of each month. The $30 plan includes: the service with unlimited talk and text, the cost of the phone, insurance, and an upgrade every two years.

You sure can! We want to keep all of our customers, but we also realize that this is not for all families. Just let us know and let us know how we can continue to improve. Zero cancellation fees!

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